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IT & Security Lead

San Francisco, CA / New York, NY / Minneapolis, MN / Philadelphia, PA Opportunity for remote

About us

We’re an early-stage, well-funded startup team with a proven track record of shipping open-source software with global adoption. We put a premium on respectful, clear, and complete communication, and we expect each other to be creative, curious, effective, and empathetic.

We deeply believe that the right tools and abstractions enable not just technological transformation but also organizational transformation. We strive to put the user and their hard work at the center of our decision-making. In practice, that means we are looking for engineers who want to write clean APIs and helpful error messages and who always try to understand user needs when designing a new system.

All of our open source work is done publicly. You can gain context about how we collaborate as a team and the problems we work on by exploring GitHub and looking at our code reviews.

About the role

As the IT & Security Lead, you will hold a pivotal position within our organization, creating & driving the development and implementation of our corporate IT & Security strategy to guarantee that all systems effectively support our business objectives in a secure, user-friendly, and cost-effective manner. You will collaborate closely with both our operations and engineering teams to achieve this goal. This role offers a unique opportunity to contribute directly to the success of a fast-growing startup and shape our IT and security strategy for scalability.


  • Design, implement, and maintain IT systems (hardware and software), configure IT equipment for employees and manage cloud services and subscriptions (G Suite).
  • Provide onboarding support, technical support and troubleshooting for employees while resolving hardware and software issues promptly.
  • Conduct regular system audits to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and best practices.
  • Collaborate with external vendors and service providers to negotiate contracts and resolve issues.
  • Create & execute on corporate IT strategy to ensure that all systems support Dagster’s business in a secure, user-friendly, and cost-effective manner
  • Lead internal security operations (including risk assessments, threat detection, incident response, and vulnerability management) and monitor compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  • Partner with company leaders for the development, planning, and execution of major security initiatives
  • Maintain a high level of subject matter expertise in cybersecurity/information security, cloud computing, IT operations, IT risk management, and IT internal audit, as well as supervisory expectations, industry practices, and emerging trends in those areas.

Must-have Qualifications

  • 5+ years of relevant IT & Security experience in a high-performing organization (e.g., top-tier software company)
  • Subject matter expertise in IT Specialist (or similar role), IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) discipline, with in-depth knowledge of IT Service Delivery, ITIL, and Project Management
  • Experience building, recommending and implementing cloud-based IT systems and processes that ensure compliance with data privacy and information security policies
  • Strong communication skills and a team player mentality with a proven track record of building strong relationships with management, co-workers and customers
  • Experience successfully representing the security function externally, such as to customers and partners
  • Ability to move at a high velocity and go the extra mile, making the right tradeoffs between speed and quality

You belong here

We are committed to building an inclusive team and an open-source community where no one feels out of place. We know that teams with diverse backgrounds state their assumptions more explicitly, think more rigorously, and build better software. Plus it's more fun and interesting to work with a wide variety of perspectives.

You should apply to work at Dagster Labs if you want to work in, and help to build and strengthen, a high-performing software development environment where people of all backgrounds are welcome.

Our Stack

Dagster is built in Python and TypeScript to work on macOS, Posix, and Windows. We use GraphQL, Apollo, and React to develop beautiful frontend tooling. We integrate with a wide range of databases, data warehouses, orchestration engines, compute substrates, and cloud services.

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The estimated annual cash salary for this role is $160,000 - 210,000.