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March 10, 20241 minute read

Tech Talks Daily: Data, Decisions, and Dagster

Nick Schrock shares his blueprint for engineering excellence on the Tech Talks Daily Podcast.

Nick Schrock is the innovative mind behind Dagster Labs and the co-creator of GraphQL.

On this episode of Tech Talks Daily, Nick recalls his journey from his foundational days, from his time at Facebook on the Product Infrastructure team to his jump to solving some of data and machine learning's most pressing issues through Dagster, his open-source data orchestration platform.

Additionally, he explores the integration of machine learning, AI, and data engineering, and the evolving landscape of open-source in a SaaS-dominated market. Sharing insights from his journey and the challenges of balancing leadership with an engineering vision, Nick provides a comprehensive view on open-source development's role in modern data infrastructure and offers advice to technical founders.

Listen to the Podcast:

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