Dagster Events

The Dagster Labs team organizes special live events to explore specific topics in depth. Here is a list of our upcoming and past events.

Build a trusted and productive data platform.


Sandy Ryza and Pete Hunt discuss how to build a high-performance data platform that delivers the assets all stakeholders can trust.


Embedded ELT: You might not need Fivetran

Dec 5th 2023

Pedram Navid, Head of Data Engineering and DevRel, walks us through the newly released Embedded ELT feature in Dagster, which provides support for lightweight data movement libraries.

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Launch Week

October 2023

The Dagster Labs team unveils major new capabilities on the Dagster platform.

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Orchestrating dbt

August 2023

dbt is the most popular integration for Dagster. We review major enhancements to supercharge your dbt work.

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Building Better Analytics Pipelines

May 2023

Run end-to-end analytics in Dagster. We covered the benefits and techniques for orchestrating an analytics pipeline and showed how to build locally, then move it to production with confidence.

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Migrate off Airflow

Feburary 2023

For teams looking for an alternative to Apache Airflow, this event includes a tutorial and perspectives on how to successfully migrate.

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Troubleshoot your Data Workflows

November 2022

Data engineers waste a lot of time troubleshooting long-running pipelines. Dagster + Noteable can shorten testing cycles and avoid reruns, boosting your productivity, and reducing frustration on the team.

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Dagster Day

August 2022

Announcing Dagster 1.0 and Dagster Cloud general availability

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