Dagster Launch Week

Launch Week 2023 Feature Recap

The advent of the Modern Data Stack revolutionized the domain of data engineering. But over time it drifted from its original premise. It became fragmented, overcomplicated, and expensive to run.

During Launch Week, we shared our vision of how to escape this Modern Data Trap, and get back to the initial intent: a developer experience that is unified, streamlined, collaborative, and where you are in control of costs.

We then unveiled a first set of new capabilities to help data engineering teams move towards this empowered, more productive state.

Discover the new features, capabilities and resources:

Dagster Pipes and External Assets. Two new features expand the span of control of the orchestration layer to new languages and new compute environments. Foster cross-team collaboration without refactoring existing work.

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Asset Checks introduce Data Quality steps to Dagster. Define and enforce data quality rules that target Dagster assets, then build logic around the results.

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Dagster Insights gives you enhanced operational observability and insights into how your pipeline design drives cloud compute cost. Optimize your runs and get more out of your budget.

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Dagster University is a brand new introduction course to Dagster fundamentals. Get your team up and running quickly with this brand-new resource.

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Embedded ELT brings straightforward data movement capability straight into the orchestrator, oftentimes avoiding the need for a heavyweight 3rd party tool.

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Dagster Launch Week | Opening session

Join Nick Schrock (Founder and CTO) and Pete Hunt (CEO) as they explain the rise and fall of the Modern Data Stack—how data engineering fell into a trap of over-fractured, over-complicated, and over-priced solutions... and how to get back on track.

Introducing Dagster Asset Checks

Sandy Ryza, lead engineer on the Dagster project, shares details on Dagster Asset Checks: embed data quality checks into your data pipeline.

Boost operational observability with Dagster Insights

Jarred Colli shows how to get detailed insights on your data operations and bring cloud costs back under control.

Introducing Dagster University

Erin Cochran unveils Dagster University, a new set of courses for mastering the foundational concepts of Dagster. Tim Castillo shares an open-source project which you can use as inspiration for a real-world project.

Introducing Embedded ELT

Pedram Navid (Head of Data Engineering and Developer Relations at Dagster Labs) demonstrates how embedded libraries in the orchestration layer can oftentimes eliminate the need for more heavyweight 3rd party SaaS tools which complicate your tech stack and add to your cloud costs.

Introducing Dagster Pipes and External Assets

Two features that radically enhance Dagster's span of control to accelerate data engineering efforts.