Simple, predictable pricing

Pay for what you use, and nothing more.

Your code is executed in your own infrastructure
$0.03 Max
per compute minute
decreases with scale
Contact sales
Your code is executed in our infrastructure
$0.04 Max
per compute minute
decreases with scale
Contact sales
Usage-based discounts
Full deployments 1Custom
Branch deploymentsUnlimitedUnlimited
Users & authentication
Assignable rolesEditor, AdminViewer, Launcher, Editor, Admin
Role based access controlPer deploymentPer project
Audit log -
SSO (Github, Google)
SAML integration (Okta, Active Directory)

Pricing philosophy

Dagster Cloud provides an elegant hosted service that is accessible to all: from a solo practitioner looking to run a one-off proof of concept all the way to the most demanding enterprise looking to free its data team of orchestration infrastructure concerns.

Dagster Cloud pricing is straightforward, predictable, and designed to encourage best practices:

  • • Usage-based fee per minute of computation usage billed to the second.
  • • The price-per-minute comes down as you hit certain usage levels.

You pay for what you use and nothing more. When the system runs, the meter runs. When the system stops, the meter stops.

Invite as many team members as you like and run any amount of computation to meet your data platform’s needs.

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Pricing FAQ

Why do you have a compute-time based usage model?
We want Dagster to be available to everyone, which is why we started by building an open-source tool. While some services charge upfront fees or insist on a monthly minimum commitment, we think that a pricing model that is affordable to get started and scales down with usage is the best way to ensure that Dagster is widely accessible to users with simple use cases and large scale data platforms alike.
Why does the standard plan show a "Max" price per minute?
Dagster Cloud is billed per minute of compute time (measured in milliseconds). It starts at $0.03 per minute for Hybrid and $0.04 for Serverless, but rapidly decreases based on usage as follows:
Deploymentup to 10K10K to 100K100K+
How are compute-time bills calculated?
Compute time is measured in milliseconds of run-time for each step within a job, excluding time for infrastructure activation. Every billing cycle, we aggregate the total run-time across all of those steps and round down to the nearest whole minute.
Does the open source solution cost anything?
There is no fee to using Dagster OSS as you host the infrastructure yourself.
Do you have a free trial?
Yes. You can get access to everything Dagster Cloud has to offer, free for 30 days.
Can I get a discount by paying annually or buying credits?
Yes! All plans already feature automatic discounts for scaled usage, and we are happy to create customized purchase structures for customers in our enterprise plan. Please contact our team to discuss.
What payment methods do you offer? Can I be invoiced?
We accept credit cards and ACH on our Standard plan, and custom invoicing is available to enterprise customers.
Do you offer special pricing for startups, higher ed, non-profits, etc?
We do not currently offer a self-enrollment discount for not-for-profit organizations. If you are interested in an enterprise plan as a not-for-profit, please contact our team.