Dagster+ Pricing | Hybrid and serverless deployment

Automate your pipelines without breaking the bank

With workloads that span ELT, AI, LLMs and dbt, see why teams everywhere are replacing their legacy tools to adopt Dagster's asset-based framework.

All Dagster+ plans include the following

Unlimited code locations
Unlimited branch deployments
Serverless or Hybrid deployments
Enforced SSO (Github, Google)
Event logging
Unlimited alerts
Integrated data catalog
Data quality checksLearn more
Insights (Operational observability)Learn more
Embedded ELTLearn more
dbt-native orchestrationLearn more
Natively run Airflow DAGsLearn more
Monthly cost$100
Included monthly credits
30,000 credits / month
$0.03 per additional credit

Serverless compute

Does not apply to Hybrid deployments
Per serverless compute minute
Role based access control
Per deployment
Assignable roles
Viewer, Editor, Admin
Prioritized support
Audit log
SAML integration
(Okta, Active Directory)
Custom packages for startups and non-profits
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Monthly estimate
Serverless deployment compute is billed in addition at $0.005 per minute.
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Pricing philosophy

Dagster+ provides an elegant hosted service that is accessible to all: from a solo practitioner looking to run a one-off proof of concept all the way to the most demanding enterprise.

Similar to other open-source solutions like Gitlab, we have an open-core pricing model. That means that we make our technology available for free to teams who want to host Dagster, and we offer a fully hosted cloud service for organizations looking to free their data team of orchestration infrastructure concerns.

Dagster+ self-service packages are priced along two dimensions of usage: pipeline usage and seats. This provides an inexpensive entry point that scales modestly with customers as their usage increases.

Dagster+ Pro plans are custom-tailored to your team. Contact our sales team to learn more.

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Pricing FAQ

How do you measure usage?
We define usage as the sum of asset materializations (when using software-defined assets) and ops (when using ops and jobs) completed by your data pipelines in Dagster. These operations are summed up as ‘credits.’ For example, If you've got a pipeline that executes four operations and materializes one asset, that pipeline would consume five credits when it is run. Your monthly bill is based on the total number of credits used across all of your Dagster pipelines.
How much can I expect to pay on the Starter plan?
If you are on a team with three data engineers building simple pipelines, your bill with be $100 a month - no need to worry about big fixed costs or expensive compute bills. At least 65% of our current self-serve customers today fall into this camp.
Do you have a free trial?
Yes. You can get access to everything Dagster+ has to offer, free for 30 days.
Can I get a discount by paying annually or buying credits?
Yes! We are happy to create customized purchase structures for customers in our Pro plan. Please contact our team to discuss.
What payment methods do you offer? Can I be invoiced?
We accept credit and debt cards on our Start and Solo plans. Custom invoicing and ACH available to Pro customers.
Do you offer special pricing for startups, higher ed, non-profits, etc?
We do not currently offer a self-enrollment discount for not-for-profit organizations. If you are interested in a pro plan as a not-for-profit, please contact our team.