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Implementation partners

Whether you are building something new, upgrading the existing, or replatforming from the old, you can trust these partners to make your journey a successful one.


4Mile is a full-service consultancy that provides strategy and implementation for deploying cloud-based data architecture as well as building custom data experiences for end users.

Acumen Consulting

A technology consulting firm specialized in business intelligence, performance Management data warehousing, data engineering, data Science & AI.


Analytics8 is a data and analytics consultancy that helps companies translate data into meaningful and actionable information so they can stay ahead in a rapidly changing world. Analytics8 covers the entire data lifecycle – from data strategy to data management to analytics to data governance providing end-to-end data solutions that are future-ready, scalable, agile, and responsive.


Analytiks offers expertise in optimizing the way organizations interact with their data. Their core mission is to guide businesses across the spectrum of data maturity, employing Dagster as a transformative tool to streamline data workflows and pipelines. Analytiks enable you to unlock the true value of your data with precision and efficiency.

APrime Technology

Engineering expertise and product development for startups that are ready to move. APrime's team of thoughtful, strategic engineers, architects and technologists is ready to help startups make core architectural decisions and build their product now.


Blueshift builds Modern Data Platforms to accelerate Data Modernization efforts. Many of Blueshift clients embark on such a modernization to either monetize their private data, implement AI use cases on private data set, or simply maintain quality and integrity of data used for their own data-driven operations. Blueshift offers a turn-key, managed cloud modern data platform in which Dagster is a key component of the architecture.

Boston Consulting Group

BCG is a global consulting firm that partners with leaders in business and society to tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities. BCG's success depends on a spirit of deep collaboration and a global community of diverse individuals determined to make the world and each other better every day.

Brooklyn Data

Brooklyn Data Co is a full-service data and analytics consulting firm that helps organizations use their data with best practices. We empower clients to use Dagster at all levels of data maturity. We are skilled implementation partners that will enable you to have a better understanding of your data assets and data quality.

Bytecode IO

Bytecode IO is a full stack data engineering firm specializing in analytics solutions. The team of data experts help customers accelerate time to value with Dagster.


As one of the largest global professional services companies Cognizant helps clients modernize technology, reimagine processes and transform experiences so they can stay ahead in our fast-changing world.

Data Wranglers

Data Wranglers specializes in powering your enterprise data model on Snowflake; standardizing consumption, access and governance; optimizing performance, cost and self-service BI.

Eventum helps you accelerate your ML journey by providing the right resources in the form of talented experts and the right technology, tailored to your use case and business goals. Eventum enables your team to build market leading ML and ML infrastructure tech faster with limited resources.


Genpact empowers organizations, through applied AI solutions, to drive unparalleled outcomes


Fortisoft is a team of experts in data engineering, architecture and analytics. They will help you extract value from your data, by creating a platform that is robust, secure, and efficient.


Founded in 2017, Indicium creates solutions in data science, analytics, and artificial intelligence with specialized teams, unique methodologies, and modern technologies.


Using proprietary IP, Infostrux has a unique way of resolving organizational data challenges. Infostrux combines cloud-native data engineering and analytics experience with a deep understanding of Snowflake to assist organizations in their data-centric transformation.


MetaOps help data engineers and operational managers for Government and Enterprise organisations looking to drive process improvement and business activity.


Neurospace is a deep tech company within data and ML/AI. They integrate OT and IT in manufacturing, food, pharma, utility/power, and other industries. Neurospace deliver on the premise of Data Mesh and Cloud Native solutions with Dagster as a cornerstone.

Quadrant Technologies

Quadrant is a premier consulting and technology services provider with a team of over 2,000 technology professionals. They focus on delivering end-to-end advanced analytics, data science, AI & ML solutions and services leveraging the modern data stack.

Rittman Analytics

Rittman Analytics is a UK-based consultancy that focuses on analytics, customer data platforms and the modern data stack. The team is passionate about helping data hungry start-ups and fast-growing businesses develop a competitive advantage from their data.


Slalom teams are driven to do whats right and help you realize your vision. They believe in generating success collaboratively, leaving your organization stronger after every engagement, and building trust for the next big challenge.

Snowpack Data

Snowpack Data helps early and mid-stage companies implement the foundational infrastructure to measure and make decisions about their business while emphasizing simplicity, making room for future growth, and minimizing cost. They build straightforward analytics stacks that prioritize automation and enable self-service.

StepChange Labs

StepChange specializes in migrating and modernizing apps & databases.

Videns Analytics

Videns Analytics contributes to the evolution of organizations through the valorization of data and AI. They leverage passion, talent, and experience to implement efficient and sustainable processes, in harmony with the people and values of organizations, for a more humane society.
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