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Build an enterprise-class data platform with Dagster+ Pro

Join the leading enterprises building a competitive advantage through data.

Beyond traditional orchestration

Enterprises are embracing Dagster+ Pro to achieve their ambitions around data.

Get straight to the value-added work

Rapidly stand up a robust execution environment that minimizes maintenance and deployment headaches.

Accelerate development

Boost developer productivity with Dagster’s asset-oriented approach and developer ergonomics.

Collaborate across teams

Open up your data operations to all teams and stakeholders while maintaining security and control.

Enjoy a more feature-rich platform

Built-in capabilities such as data quality, cataloging, and cost observability let you fine-tune the performance of your data operations.

Enterprises build on Dagster+

Leading organizations across industries use Dagster+ Pro to run their data platforms.

Collaborate without compromise

Role-based access control and component-level isolation come standard, giving you complete control over your data platform.

Single pane of glass

Observe, optimize, and debug any pipeline on your platform. Collaborate across teams with a modern, intuitive UI.

Multilevel RBAC

Dagster+ supports five user roles for several levels of role-based access control: Viewer, Launcher, Editor, Admin, and Organization Admin.

Isolated team environments

Working across teams does not mean every team has to use the same Python environment. Dagster supports separate projects for isolation, while still enabling cross-project lineage.

Security and compliance

Build a data platform with enterprise-grade authentication and auditing.

SSO & authentication

Support for Google, GitHub, and SAML IdPs (Okta, Azure Active Directory).

Audit log

Track all activity and changes made to the system with a unified view of all user actions.

SOC2 & HIPAA compliance

The development process at Dagster Labs is SOC2 and HIPAA compliant.

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Automate your pipelines

Dagster offers a few different ways of automating data pipelines, and choosing the right Dagster tool depends on your specific needs.

Cron-based scheduling

Execute runs at a fixed interval with fault-tolerant, cron-based schedules.

Event-based scheduling

Instigate runs based on some external state change with sensors.

Avoid redundant compute

Optimize runs to materialize assets based on their refresh policy, avoiding wasteful recompute on similar data.

Powerful platform capabilities

Dagster+ Pro incorporates key platform features for data quality and fine-tuning performance.

Data quality and reliability

Build data quality checks right into your data pipelines and automate pipeline actions based on their results.

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Cost and operational observability

Let Dagster+ Pro track the cost and other performance metrics related to the build of your data assets.

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Data cataloging

Daster+ tracks your key data assets and associated metadata, enabling self-service and data discovery across the enterprise.

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“Dagster empowers my stakeholder teams to own their data assets end-to-end like no other orchestrator can.”

David Wallace

Staff Data Engineer at Dutchie

Two deployment options


Effortless spin-up

Let us host the entire orchestration engine. Spin-up in Serverless is completely effortless. Just write a Python file and we do the rest: no Dockerfiles, no Kubernetes, no provisioning.

Free for 30 days


Bring your own compute

Bring your compute platform and let Dagster host the control plane, which does not see your code or data. Maximize flexibility and security while offloading the vast majority of operational burden. "Egress-only requirements" means no network headaches. Dagster handles patching, upgrades, and the service SLA. (architecture overview)

Free for 30 days

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