Dagster+ - hosted data orchestration solutions for enterprise


The foundation of a modern data platform.

Dagster+ is the enterprise orchestration platform that puts developer experience first. With fully serverless or hybrid deployments, native branching, built-in cataloging, and cost observability, you can now expect more from your orchestration solution.

Offload operational concerns

Accelerate your work with Dagster+. Scale at will and contain costs while eliminating infrastructure concerns.

Dagster+ self-service plans include everything you need to run a single production deployment with built-in CI/CD support.

With the Dagster+ enterprise plans, you can run multiple deployments with enhanced support and security.

Go beyond traditional orchestration

Data Catalog
Data Reliabilty
Cost Insights
Column Level Lineage

Two deployment options


Effortless spin-up

Let us host the entire orchestration engine. Spin-up in Serverless is completely effortless. Just write a Python file and we do the rest: no Dockerfiles, no Kubernetes, no provisioning.
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Free for 30 days


Bring your own compute

Bring your compute platform and let Dagster host the control plane, which does not see your code or data. Maximize flexibility and security while offloading the vast majority of operational burden. Egress-only requirements means no network headaches. Dagster handles patching, upgrades, and the service SLA. (architecture overview | Read the docs)

Try Hybrid

Free for 30 days

Accelerate your release cycle
Move quickly and confidently from Pull Request to merge with Branch Deployments, lightweight staging environments created with every PR. No more testing on production, no more testing locally without matching your cloud environment.

Integrated security and role-based access management

We built role-based access control and component-level isolation into Dagster+ because security is never a one-size-fits-all solution.

All plans have built in Google, Github, and email authentication.
Read the docs.
SAML-based SSO
Enterprise plans can leverage
SAML-based SSO like Okta, Active Directory, and more
Read the docs.
Security & Compliance
The development process at
Dagster Labs is SOC2 and HIPAA compliant.
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