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molliemarie asked this question in Ideas

Dagster-related Job Openings

What is this? This discussion is for companies looking for people with Dagster experience. Both permanent positions and contract work are welcome. Companies Please use the following format followed by a brief description...

yuhan asked this question in Show and tell

Companies / Projects using Dagster

If you are using Dagster at your company/organization, you can share it here in this discussion! All forms are welcomed (e.g. blog posts, video demos, or talks), and also feel free...

Community Spotlight

Check this out! I just signed up for ths @dagsterio course at CoRise. It's a 4-week project based course focused on designing, building, and maintaining data platforms using modern data frameworks. Course is still open so get in now!


4 Essential Steps for Building a Simulator

Devjit Chakravarti

Data News: Dagster 1.0 Launch Recap

Simon Späti

I’m excited to see Dagster launch after years of building the ultimate platform for data pipelines. We at @Neo are proud to have backed you since day one.


Sentra getting ready to watch Dagster Day! @dagsterio


Standardising MLOps in a start-up with Dagster and PyTorch - PyCon Italia 2022

Andrea Giardini, Lorenzo Riches

The Why and How of Dagster User Code Deployment Automation

Pieter Custers

We're excited to share that we are partnering with Dennis Hume (Data Engineer at Dutchie) and co:rise to build a course on Data Engineering with Dagster! The course launches on August 15th. Sign up HERE:


Full room at our talk on MLOps at @overstoryai using #PyTorch and #Dagster! Thank you @pyconit for the awesome event! #PyConIT2022


4 reasons Dutchie Engineers love Dagster Cloud

Dennis Hume

idk who needs to hear this but @dagsterio is an amazing tool and their slack is one of the most helpful I've seen


Planning Meals in an Overly Complicated Way

Roel M. Hogervorst

What's the Story of Dagster?

James McBreen

Dagster: Modern Data Platform Orchestration

Dennis Hume

Tuning Whatnot’s Data Platform for Speed and Scale

Stephen Bailey

Dagster Community Meeting: Featuring Immunai and Alcozer Consulting LLC


@dagsterio is the gift that keeps on giving. Last week I was working on some improvements to discursus core which led me down some new 🐰 holes. Here are a few things I discovered in regards to assets and configs in Dagster 🧵


Lyn Health's Data Laboratory: Deploying Dagster on ECS with GitHub Actions

Kevin Haynes

The simplest deployable Dagster pipeline (in 120 lines of Python)


Building shared spaces for data teams at Drizly

Dennis Hume