Comparing Dagster to other solutions

Guides on how Dagster differs from some other solutions for data orchestration.

Dagster vs. Apache Airflow
Find out why - and how - many progressive data teams are moving their data pipelines away from Apache Airflow's imperative framework and embracing a declarative approach.
Dagster vs. Prefect
Prefect and Dagster are two leading solutions for data orchestration, but they adopt very different approaches. We help you differentiate between these alternatives.
Dagster vs. dbt Cloud™
dbt™ is a ubiquitous data transformation tool, used in over half of all Dagster data pipelines. But which is the best tool for orchestrating dbt models - the more generalized orchestration tool Dagster or the dedicated dbt scheduling solution, dbt Cloud?
Dagster vs. AWS Step Functions
AWS Step Functions is a general-purpose workflow runner designed to help you manage and order the execution of AWS services. How does it sompare to Dagster's fully-featured orchestration capabilities?