Dagster+ launched on April 17th 2024.

Watch the launch video below.
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Dagsterranked number 5 on Product Hunct at launch on April 17th 2024

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Welcome to Dagster+

Pete Hunt, CEO at Dagster Labs, provides some context on why Dagster+ is a unique approach to orchestration.

Dagster+ Catalog

The built in catalog capability facilitates self-serve and asset understanding across all your data teams.

Data Reliability

Data quality and freshness are paramount in delivering data your organization can trust.

Branch Deployments with Change Tracking

Dagster+ has advanced CI/CD capabilities to accelerate your development cycle.

Dagster+ Insights

Control costs and track performance over time with this unique metadata tracking capability.

Dagster+ Partnerships Update

Eric Chernoff, Head of Partnerships at Dagster labs, shares some updates on how the Dagster ecosystem of integrations, partners and marketplaces is expanding.