Dagster Community Day Recap - Dec 2022
Dagster Community Day

In the runup to Dagster's Community Day in Dec 2022, we added some major new capabilities to Dagster Core and Dagster Cloud. Check out a recap of our announcements below or
watch the full event stream on YouTube.

Dagster State of the Union

Dagster Community Day opened with CEO Pete Hunt sharing a 'state of the union' address, with a retrospective on 2022, news on partners, community growth, staff additions and more.

Declarative Scheduling

Sandy Ryza shares a powerful new capability in Dagster: Declarative Scheduling and a feature this enables: Freshness Policies.

Serverless 1.0: Fast Deploys

Shalabh Chaturvedi shares the first of three highlights for Dagster Cloud: Fast Deploys, which speed up new code deployment.

Serverless 1.0: Secrets Management

Shalabh Chaturvedi provides an overview of the new Secrets Management interface which is now part of Dagster Cloud.

Serverless 1.0: Non-isolated Runs

Johann Miller shares the details on Non-isolated Runs, and how these help speed up your development process.

Data Ingestion as Code

In this illustration of Managed Services orchestration, Ben Pankow and Nick Schrock partner up to provide an overview of how Dagster allows users to orchestrate external managed services as part of a data pipeline.

Dagster Integrations

Rex Ledesma provides an overview of key developments in Dagster's library of integrations. Pedram Navid then shares his approach and template for building Dagster integrations.

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