Dagster Deep Dives: learn to master key capabilities in Dagster

Dagster Deep Dives

The Dagster team walks us through five key capabilities of the Dagster framework, with guidance on best practice and hands-on coding examples.

Flexible Scheduling with Automation

Pedram Navid shares insights into how to use Dagster's flexible scheduling options to automate and optimize your data platform.

Configuration & Resources

Colton Padden guides us through Dagster's configuration and resource systems, which allow you to develop locally and ship confidently.

Thinking in Partitions

By embracing partitioning you can speed up execution and greatly reduce the cost of running pipelines. Gain control over backfills, and observe your data assets at a higher level of granularity.

Dagster and the Data Mesh

Effective collaboration around data requires the right tooling for balancing local autonomy and unified orchestration. Tim walks us through how to set Dagster up to support a ‘Data Mesh’ and other approaches to empowering local data teams.