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dbt Cloud™

dbt Cloud™

Run dbt Cloud™ jobs as part of your data pipeline.

About this integration

Dagster allows you to run dbt Cloud™ jobs alongside other technologies. You can schedule them to run as a step in a larger pipeline and manage them as a data asset.


pip install dagster-dbt


from dagster_dbt import dbt_cloud_resource, load_assets_from_dbt_cloud_job
import os

# configure a resource to connect to your dbt Cloud instance
dbt_cloud = dbt_cloud_resource.configured(
    {"auth_token": os.environ["DBT_CLOUD_AUTH_TOKEN"], "account_id": 11111}

# import assets from dbt
dbt_cloud_assets = load_assets_from_dbt_cloud_job(

About dbt Cloud

dbt Cloud is a hosted service for running dbt jobs. It helps data analysts and engineers productionize dbt deployments. Beyond dbt open-source, dbt Cloud provides scheduling , CI/CD, serving documentation, and monitoring & alerting.

If you're currently using dbt Cloud™, you can also use Dagster to run dbt-core in its place. You can read more about how to do that here.