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dbt Cloud

dbt Cloud

Run dbt Cloud jobs as part of your data pipeline.

About this integration

Dagster allows you to run dbt Cloud jobs alongside other technologies. You can schedule them to run as a step in a larger pipeline and manage them as a data asset.


pip install dagster-dbt


from dagster_dbt import dbt_cloud_resource, load_assets_from_dbt_cloud_job
import os

# configure a resource to connect to your dbt Cloud instance
dbt_cloud = dbt_cloud_resource.configured(
    {"auth_token": os.environ["DBT_CLOUD_AUTH_TOKEN"], "account_id": 11111}

# import assets from dbt
dbt_cloud_assets = load_assets_from_dbt_cloud_job(

About dbt Cloud

dbt Cloud is a hosted service for running dbt jobs. It helps data analysts and engineers productionize dbt deployments. Beyond dbt open-source, dbt Cloud provides scheduling , CI/CD, serving documentation, and monitoring & alerting.