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Tap into Fivetran sources from within your pipelines

Tap into Fivetran sources from within your pipelines

Orchestrate Fivetran connectors and schedule syncs with upstream or downstream dependencies.

About this integration

With the Dagster-Fivetran integration you can orchestrate ingestion steps as part of a larger pipeline. Programatically interface with the Fivetran REST API to launch syncs and monitor their progress. Tap into software-defined assets and build a set of assets straight off a Fivetran ingestion.


pip install dagster-fivetran


from dagster import EnvVar
from dagster_fivetran import FivetranResource, load_assets_from_fivetran_instance
import os

fivetran_instance = FivetranResource(
fivetran_assets = load_assets_from_fivetran_instance(fivetran_instance)

About Fivetran

Fivetran ingests data from SaaS applications, databases, and servers. The data is stored and typically used for analytics.