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Dagster + Github

Dagster + Github

Integrate with GitHub Apps and automate operations within your github repositories.

About this integration

This library provides an integration with GitHub Apps by providing a thin wrapper on the github v4 graphql API. This allows for automating operations within your github repositories and with the tighter permissions scopes that github apps allow for vs using a personal token.


pip install dagster-github


import os
from dagster import job, op
from dagster_github import github_resource

github = github_resource.configured({
    "github_app_id": os.environ['GITHUB_APP_ID'],
    "github_app_private_rsa_key": os.environ['GITHUB_PRIVATE_KEY'],
    "github_installation_id": os.environ['GITHUB_INSTALLATION_ID'],

def github_op(context):
        title='Dagster\'s first github issue',
        body='this open source thing seems like a pretty good idea',

@job(resource_defs={'github': github})
def github_job():

About Github

Github provides a highly available git repo, access control, bug tracking, software feature requests, task management, continuous integration, and wikis for open source and commercial projects.