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Dagster + Hightouch
Community / Partner Supported

Dagster + Hightouch

Trigger syncs and monitor them until they complete.

About this integration

With this integration you can trigger Hightouch syncs and monitor them from within Dagster. Fine-tune when Hightouch syncs kick-off, visualize their dependencies, and monitor the steps in your data activation workflow.

This native integration helps your team more effectively orchestrate the last mile of data analytics—bringing that data from the warehouse back into the SaaS tools your business teams live in. With the dagster-hightouch integration, Hightough users have more granular and sophisticated control over when data gets activated.


pip install dagster-hightouch


from dagster import job
from dagster_hightouch.ops import hightouch_sync_op
from dagster_hightouch.resources import ht_resource
import os

HT_ORG = "39619"

run_ht_sync_orgs = hightouch_sync_op.configured(
    {"sync_id": HT_ORG}, name="hightouch_sfdc_organizations"

        "hightouch": ht_resource.configured(
            {"api_key": os.environ['HIGHTOUCH_API_KEY']},
def ht_sfdc_job():
    ht_orgs = run_ht_sync_orgs()

About Hightouch

Hightouch syncs data from any data warehouse into popular SaaS tools that businesses run on. Hightouch uses the power of Reverse ETL to transform core business applications from siloed data islands into powerful integrated solutions.

Community / Partner integration:

This integration was built and is maintained by a community user or a technology partner from outside of Dagster Labs.