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lakeFS: version your data
Community / Partner Supported

lakeFS: version your data

lakeFS provides version control and complete lineage over the data lake.

About this integration

By integrating with lakeFS, a big data scale version control system, you can leverage the versioning capabilities of lakeFS to track changes to your data. This integration allows you to have a complete lineage of your data, from the initial raw data to the transformed and processed data, making it easier to understand and reproduce data transformations.

With lakeFS and Dagster integration, you can ensure that data flowing through your Dagster jobs is easily reproducible. lakeFS provides a consistent view of your data across different versions, allowing you to troubleshoot pipeline runs and ensure consistent results.

Furthermore, with lakeFS branching capabilities, Dagster jobs can run on separate branches without additional storage costs, creating isolation and allowing promotion of only high-quality data to production leveraging a CI/CD pipeline for your data.


pip install lakefs-client


from dagster import job, op, get_dagster_logger, Definitions, ResourceParam
import lakefs_client
from lakefs_client import models
from lakefs_client.client import LakeFSClient

logger = get_dagster_logger()

configuration = lakefs_client.Configuration()
configuration.username = 'AAAA'
configuration.password = 'BBBBB' = ''

def create_branch(client: ResourceParam[LakeFSClient]):
    branch_id = client.branches.create_branch(

def list_branches(client: ResourceParam[LakeFSClient]):
    list_branches = client.branches.list_branches(repository='test-repo')

def lakefs_integration_job():

defs = Definitions(
    resources={"client": LakeFSClient(configuration)},

About lakeFS

lakeFS is on a mission to simplify the lives of data engineers, data scientists and analysts providing a data version control platform at scale.

Community / Partner integration:

This integration was built and is maintained by a community user or a technology partner from outside of Dagster Labs.