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Dagster SSH/SFTP library

Dagster SSH/SFTP library

Establish encrypted connections to networked resources.

About this integration

This integration provides a resource for SSH remote execution using Paramiko.


pip install dagster-ssh


# Read the docs on Resources to learn more:
from dagster import asset, with_resources
from dagster_ssh import ssh_resource

def my_asset(context):
    context.resources.ssh.sftp_get("/path/to/remote.csv", "path/to/local.csv")

assets = with_resources([my_asset], resource_defs={
    'ssh': ssh_resource.configured({
        'remote_host': '',
        'key_file': 'path/to/id_rsa',


The SSH protocol allows for secure remote login with strong authentication to networked resources. It protects network connections with strong encryption. The Dagster library provides direct SSH and SFTP calls from within the execution of your pipelines.