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July 24, 20231 minute read

A Geek Leader: Interview with Pete Hunt

John Rouda interviewed Pete Hunt, CEO of Dagster Labs, on React.js, open source and data orchestration.
Pete Hunt
Pete Hunt

Pete joined A Geek Leader podcast host John Rouda for a conversation on leading an open source tech startup.

About Pete

Pete joined Dagster Labs as head of engineering in early 2022, and took over the reins as CEO in November of that year. Pete was previously co-founder and CEO of Smyte, an anti-abuse provider that was acquired by Twitter. Prior to this, Pete led Instagram’s web and business analytics teams, and cofounded Facebook’s React.js open-source project.

The podcast covered:

  • Pete’s background
  • His experience working on React.js and his time at Twitter
  • Building open source solutions
  • The Data Orchestration domain
  • The transition from Engineering Leader to CEO
  • Be able to say “I don’t know” and still inspire confidence
  • How to master delegation

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