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January 26, 20241 minute read

Data Driven - The Role of AI and LLMs in Data

Pedram Navid joins the Data Driven podcast to discuss the role of AI and LLMs in data.
Pedram Navid
Pedram Navid

Data Driven: 'The Role of AI and LLMs in Data' with special guest Pedram Navid

Pedram Navid, Head of Data Engineering and DevRel at Dagster Labs, explores data products and AI and large language models’ roles in data. While AI has limitations, it offers data practitioners new ways to explore and leverage data, transforming the analysis process. Further, AI and LLMs democratize access to data analysis for non-technical people, enabling them to explore and derive insights from complex datasets without feeling overwhelmed. In this episode of Data Driven, Pedram discusses the role of AI and large language models in data.

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