October 31, 20231 minute read

The Craft Of Open Source: a Flagsmith podcast

Pete Hunt discusses data orchestration, Dagster, and our onward journey.
Pete Hunt
Pete Hunt

Data is the name of the game in today’s world. But with the amount of data sources today, how do you sift through and get the data you want? A data pipeline is the answer, and within that pipeline is a data orchestrator. Pete Hunt, CEO of Dagster Labs joins Ben Rometsch to tell us all about Dagster Labs, Dagster, and his career journey that took him across Facebook, Instagram, Smyte, and Twitter.

In this current fluctuating environment, it is a feat for a company to be able to raise money. Just this year, Dagster Labs raised $33 million Series B. Find out how Dagster Labs was able to achieve this, what Dagster is doing for data orchestration, and where Dagster is headed.

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