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February 6, 20241 minute read

Facebook Eng Culture & Modern Data Stack Consolidation

On open source software, data, and understanding Facebook’s high performance culture.
Nick Schrock
Nick Schrock

Nick Schrock is the Founder of Dagster Labs and previously Co-Creator of GraphQL while at Facebook. In this episode, we discuss how Facebook maintained a culture of urgency and decentralization. Nick dives into the problem solved behind GraphQL’s creation and how the product rolled out within Facebook.

He also covers the modern data stack and how Dagster Labs is moving beyond the orchestration layer to provide more value to data engineering workflows.

Finally, Nick and show host Shomik Ghosh discuss Nick’s decision to transition from the CEO role and advice he has for other founders in the Open Source space.

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In this episode

Nick discusses:

  • Joining Facebook During “Move Fast & Break Things” Era
  • Why Facebook Open Source Has Proliferated So Well
  • How Facebook Culture Changed to “Move Fast With Stable Infrastructure”
  • Making the Shift From Mobile to Desktop
  • Creating GraphQL
  • Finding Space to Work on GraphQL (Power of Decentralized Decision Making)
  • Rolling out GraphQL to All Facebook Developers
  • Starting Dagster (And Why Not Start a GraphQL Focused Company)
  • Learnings from GraphQL Translated to Dagster
  • Evolving Dagster Labs to a Platform from a Single Product
  • How the Practice of Data Engineering Differs from Data Engineers
  • Nick's Transition from CEO to CTO
  • Advice for Open Source Founders
  • What’s Coming Next for Dagster Labs

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