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November 14, 20231 minute read

That Tech Pod

The Journey from Engineer to CEO and Lessons Learned Along the Way
Pete Hunt
Pete Hunt

Today Laura and Kevin speak with Pete Hunt. We chat about what it means to be an engineer, how to tell if an engineer is good and how you get from engineer to CEO, plus Pete weighs in on the Zuck vs Musk debate with his unique perspective having worked at both Instagram and Twitter.

Pete joined Dagster Labs as head of engineering in early 2022, and took over the reins as CEO in November of that year. Pete was previously co-founder and CEO of Smyte, an anti-abuse provider that was acquired by Twitter. Prior to this Pete led Instagram’s web team, built Instagram’s business analytics products, and helped to open source Facebook’s React.js. Their platform is Dagster, a next-generation open source orchestration platform for the development, production, and observation of data assets.

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