Supercharge dbt™ - Aug 2023
Dagster 1.4 brings new superpowers to dbt models in data pipelines.

Supercharge dbt™

You might not need dbt Cloud™!

Dagster 1.4 included many new capabilities for managing dbt models as part of a larger data pipeline. You can find details of the release here.

On August 2nd 2023, we hosted a special showcase of the new dbt functionality. You can read about the event any the new functionality in our blog post. Watch the five chapters of the event in the videos below.

Watch the full event stream on YouTube

The state of Data Engineering

Pete Hunt, CEO at Dagster Labd, explains the impetur to simplify the Modern Data Stack, foster collaboration, reduce costs and improve the overall development experience in data engineering.

The challenges with dbt at scale

Pedram Navid, head of developer relations at Dagster Labs, shares the three top challenges of working with dbt at scale.

Why Dagster is the best way to orchestrate dbt

Sandy Ryza, lead engineer on the Dagster project, shares why Dagster's unique Asset-centric framework brings turbocharged capabiliites to your dbt work.

The new dagster-dbt integration

Rex Ledesma walks us through the new dagster-dbt integration, including the code and displaying of dbt runs in the Dagster UI.

Dagster and dbt integration: Leveraging Dagster to its fullest

Ben Pankow, software engineer on the Dagster Labs team, demonstrates the benefits of orchestrating dbt on Dagster beyond the interoperability provided by the integration.

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