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Dagster + DuckDB

Dagster + DuckDB

Read and write natively to DuckDB from Software Defined Assets.

About this integration

This library provides an integration with the DuckDB database, and allows for an out-of-the-box I/O Manager so that you can make DuckDB your storage of choice.


pip install dagster-duckdb


from dagster_duckdb_pandas import DuckDBPandasIOManager
from dagster import Definitions, asset
import pandas as pd

    key_prefix=["my_schema"]  # will be used as the schema in duckdb
def my_table() -> pd.DataFrame:  # the name of the asset will be the table name
    return pd.DataFrame()

defs = Definitions(
    resources={"io_manager": DuckDBPandasIOManager(database="my_db.duckdb")}

About DuckDB

DuckDB is a column-oriented embeddable OLAP database. A typical OLTP relational database like SQLite is row-oriented. In row-oriented database, data is organised physically as consecutive tuples.