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Asset-Based Data Orchestration (from Data + AI Summit)

Sandy Ryza
Sandy Ryza

On June 8th of this year, Sandy Ryza, lead engineer on the Dagster project gave a presentation at the DATA + AI Summit in San Francisco. The talk was entitled "The Future of Data Orchestration: Asset-Based Orchestration."

We are happy to share the key points of the talk in the video below.

Sandy's thesis: Data orchestration is a core component for any batch data processing platform and yet we’ve been using patterns that haven't changed since the 1980s. Sandy introduces a new pattern and way of thinking for data orchestration known as asset-based orchestration, with data freshness sensors to trigger pipelines.

Sandy Ryza present "The Future of Data Orchestration: Asset-Based Orchestration"


  • What are data pipelines?
  • Why update a data asset?
  • Automating asset updates
  • Workflow engines: not the best way to schedule data pipelines
  • Asset-based orchestration
    • Building a pipeline with data assets
    • Automaterialization
    • Dealing with the root of the graph
    • Freshness policies
    • Asset observability

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