January 10, 20241 minute read

Retain.ai joins Dagster Labs

We’re excited and humbled to bring the Retain.ai organization into our fold to help build out Dagster’s data orchestration capabilities.
Pete Hunt
Pete Hunt

Since the release of Dagster 1.0 and the launch of Dagster Cloud in August 2022, Dagster has seen rapid adoption among more progressive data teams. The feature set of Dagster continues to expand, providing data engineering leaders with capabilities that now go well beyond traditional data orchestrators.

To accelerate our already rapid pace of innovation, Retain.ai and Dagster Labs have finalized an agreement that includes key members of the Retain.ai team joining Dagster Labs, including Eric Chernoff, cofounder and CEO of Retain.ai.

“The Dagster Labs team is breaking new ground and has proven its ability to ship industry-best developer-centric solutions. We are excited to be combining at this point in their journey, and look forward to participating in the continued growth of the company” said Eric Chernoff.

“2023 was a period of amazing growth for Dagster Labs”, says Pete Hunt, “we’re excited to be bringing Retain.ai into the Dagster Labs fold to make it even easier to support customers and partners while delivering on our aggressive product roadmap.”

We are not disclosing any other details of the transaction at this time.

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